• Cabot Corporation manufactures high quality water-based inkjet pigment dispersions.
  • Cabot’s inkjet business has two dispersion technology platforms enabling a high degree of stability, flexibility and customization. Combined with our industry expertise we aim to help you reduce your total cost of ownership by increasing productivity, reliability and/or sustainability.
  • Our innovative inkjet technologies can enable a high level of formulation flexibility. We’re confident of delivering solutions to meet challenging requirements.
  • Today we offer inkjet dispersion to a wide range of markets including the desktop, office, commercial and packaging markets.

Our commitments

  • Only market player able to provide two ink dispersion technology platforms enabling a level of flexibility and customisation unique to the industry
  • Dispersions having high compatibility with formulation ingredients and substrate
  • Dispersions having high color performance and comprehensive gamut of colors
  • R&D experts supporting your product development
  • Focus on regulatory affairs and compliance in rapidly evolving landscape
  • Marketing insights to support innovation
  • Industry-leading levels of quality and security of supply
  • Long-term strategy to invest to accelerate growth and support capacity expansion

Introducing our product portfolio

Small Molecule Dispersion Technology (SMT)

  • Ionic groups on pigment surface provide high stabilization
  • Dispersing groups attached to pigment surface
  • Variety of functional groups
  • Product portfolio offers potential to tailor to system and performance needs

Encapsulated Polymer Dispersion (EPD)

  • Polymer encapsulation protects pigment surface
  • Polymer properties can be modified to enable formulation flexibility
  • Polymer has hydrophobic blocks
  • Aids in durability performance
  • Pigment agnostic